Alyeska Ski Patrol

Home of National Ski Patrol group #12345.

The Alyeska Ski Patrol objective is to offer our guests the best possible customer service while providing an exceptional experience for all who use our facilities. Emergency care and transportation is the foremost responsibility of the Alyeska ski patrol. The patrol is also trained in avalanche rescue, lift evacuation and skier education.

Alyeska ski patrol consists of approximately 100 members, the majority of which are volunteers. The volunteers are community members from all walks of life who have a passion for skiing as well as helping others. Many of these members have been patrolling for over a decade. This duration of service has created a sense of teamwork, pride and camaraderie not often found in volunteer groups. This reflects our strong commitment to superior medical care and service to our skiing public.

The patrol also consists of approximately 30 paid staff employed by Alyeska resort, including both full and part-time staff. In addition to emergency care and skier education, the paid staff is responsible for avalanche mitigation and high angle rescue.

All members of the patrol are required to have an NSP Outdoor Emergency Care Technician card and a level one avalanche certification by the end of their first season of patrolling. These courses are offered by the patrol. Individuals holding a current EMT certification, paramedic license, RN, WFR or are a physician may challenge the OEC requirement. Also, you will need to obtain CPR training during the first year of patrolling.

If you are interested in joining the Alyeska Ski Patrol and have any questions, please contact the following individuals for more information:

  • Volunteer positions: Corey Aist at or 907-563-7048
  • Paid positions: Alyeska Patrol Director at 907-754-2270

We will want to know about your experience and skiing ability, so we ask all applicants to fill out this application form too.